Wastewater Autosampler (patent)

One of our design bureau patented developments. It is designed for automatic sampling at wastewater control points.

How it works: 

Autosampler is installed in areas of potential discharge of unauthorized pollution. Sampling is carried out into a reservoir through a disposable silicone hose.The device sends an SMS message to the control officer at the time of sampling. Duty officer promptly takes a sample from the robot and delivers it to the laboratory.

What makes it remarkable:

It is simple, reliable, economical and hermetically sealed.

Disposable consumables (silicone hose, reservoirs) are used, and the sample is not in contact with the pump and any other objects.

In standby mode, the collector is not occluded.

It may be equipped with various types of pollution control sensors.

It may operate autonomously for more than 6 weeks.

Autosampler is installed in the area of automatic reading of parameters