Implementation stages

TR is the main project document. Competent and accurate statement of the task makes it possible to perform the work correctly and on time. We will help you draw it up.

DD is necessary for the proper arrangement of production. You may choose the preparation of three-dimensional models or classical drawings.

Text and graphic documents which are necessary for the production of equipment includes drawings, estimates, specifications, manuals, etc.

Development of design and technological documentation, production and testing of prototypes. Correction of documentation and taking a decision concerning the possibility of production, including serial manufacture of products.

Strength, hydraulic and other calculations are performed by company’s experts.

SCADA process management

Industrial programming:

  • Telemetering
  • Turn-key automation of the finished line
  • Improvement of the customer’s operating lines
  • and much more

Design and calculation of mechanisms for production lines.

Video monitoring. Motion control, etc.

Delivery and installation of complete set of technological equipment and metal structures. Production startup.

Equipment and production lines maintenance support. Warranty and post-warranty service.

Recent projects’ equipment

Reliable and rational result is achieved due to the well-coordinated work of our professional team.