Rotary valve

Rotary valve is used for dosing discharge of tanks. Could be any size depending of customer issues.

Mixer emulsifier

A new type of mixing equipment – Mixer-emulsifier for tanks with bottom loading. 3000 rpm. Stainless steel. Water-cooled double ceramic seal. The degree of dispersion according to customer specifications. The company starts to produce bottom mixer-dispersers. A scope – the food industry, production of paint and pharmaceutics.


Sleeve maker

Sleeve maker – is not a simple to design and manufacture device. It is used with machines for granulated or kibble products packaging. It makes the sleeve with the packing tape and then forms the packs. You can order any size of the sleeve maker depending on the packing tape size.


Noisy? It’s much quiet now!

Unique airflow distributor with the acoustic suppression function. Developed and manufactured as part of the draft of noise reduction in the production areas’ ventilation system. The measurements showed excellent efficiency with the values of 10 Db of noise reduction. Material – food stainless steel.


Not just an egg!

Not just an egg! The Egyptians brought it as a sacrifice to the Gods. The egg symbolizes the source of life on Earth according to ancient beliefs. It carries the material and informational shell and originates life under favorable conditions. The Egg is the Beginning. Let’s begin a new project together!