“ESMiS” Company

We have been working in the field of production of equipment and process lines since 2008 and provide a full range of services:

  • engineering,
  • production,
  • automation of industrial equipment,
  • installation and maintenance.

In our team

Qualified engineers – designers, computing engineers, electronic engineers, and programmers.

Experienced production experts – turners, millers, electricians, mill rollers, welders and installers.

Efficient managers and financiers.

And we are one team aimed at the result.

Interested in us

  • Industrial companies

  • Food manufacturers

  • Pet food manufacturing companies

  • Agricultural enterprises and farms

  • Trucking companies

  • Companies that need to automate and optimize production processes

  • Companies that are need in various types of non-standard equipment

Our experts will

  • analyze and optimize your task
  • recommend you how to improve production efficiency
  • design equipment and production lines
  • make strength, hydraulic and other types of calculations
  • manufacture the equipment
  • automate manufacturing processes
  • deliver the equipment at the customer’s site
  • install and commission the equipment
  • train customer service staff
  • provide warranty service

Benefits from partnership with us


  • More than 10 years of our experience in manufacturing helps us in making optimal decisions in new projects.
  • All of company’s experts are always in trend, certified and regularly undergo advanced training.
  • We use high-tech equipment to solve complex developments.
  • Our own production, supply and storage facilities.
  • Minimal approval period.
  • Efficient usage of working time and resources.
  • Delivery to any destination within Russia
  • The whole complex of works, from project to delivery, installation and post-warranty service ultimately reduces the total cost for the customer.