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Valves and divertors

Throttle valve is a mechanism for regulating channel cross-section and changing the amount of passing substance (liquid, gas, etc.). Typically used in industrial ventilation ducts and ducts of drying installations. For the production of valve used a high quality stainless steel which has excellent anti-corrosion properties and durability. The valve is performed by welding. Connection flanges or nipple. The actuator is motorized. In addition, install the positioner, and any types of sensors to display the flap position. Limited Liability Company “Energy Systems, Assembling and Service” is designer and manufacturer for the Customer switches for flow direction to two or three directions. The flow switches are made of stainless steel and carbon steel. The flow switches are equipped with pneumatic door actuators with position indication of flap. Fitting size have made according to the size customer's equipment. The flow switches are low cost operation, high reliability and ease for installation. IMAG0144