Спроектируем и изготовим любое производственное оборудование


Coordination of service, maintenance and repair of equipment the company normally performs its own technical service. For production plants maintenance function can be assigned directly to a service company.

Of course, to stop production for reason of equipment failure is extremely undesirable. Therefore, repair facilities at most modern enterprises are involved in service with their staff of experts is dominated by a proactive approach aimed at preventing equipment failure due to technical faults. In practice it is often technically impossible and economically unfeasible to provide full functionality of the equipment only by means of our own repair service. Limited Liability Company “Energy Systems, Assembling and Service” is ready to offer services of integrated maintenance of various systems, production equipment, buildings and structures, to perform a set of planned organizational and technical measures for the care, supervision equipment, its maintenance and repair. The purpose of these events is the prevention of progressive increasing of wear and tear, accident prevention and maintenance of equipment in constant readiness to work

Objects of service and repair are:

— system of ventilation and heating

— pipelines steam distribution and condensate collection

— equipment of production lines

— system of automation and dispatching of production

— equipment supply and distribution

— warehouse racking system

— equipment of treatment facilities

— automatic gate

— leveling platforms

— lighting system

— electrical power distribution

— and more...

Planning and producing service and repair, we are ordered, stored and in case of failure deliver necessary parts and materials to customer's plant..

Our clients receive a all range of services consisting of diagnostics of the equipment, organization and planning of repair, the supply of necessary materials and carrying out repair and preventive measures

For the needs of own production organized warehouse service with delivery Department. Directly in production organized warehouse metal storage, automation components, consumables, tooling. For the fast moving spare parts and items organized by minimum stock storage, allowing you to start work as soon as possible.