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Screw Conveyor Systems

Screw and screw conveyors are used for transportation of loose materials, for example grain. The screw conveyor can be horizontal and inclined. The screws of the conveyors are made by the method of cold pressing. The blanks for the screws are made on a laser machine. To ensure accuracy, the conveyor screw can be machined on a lathe.

1. Length of conveyor according to customer specification.

2. The maximum diameter of the screw is 500 mm

3. The maximum thickness of the screw turns

- stainless steel - 10mm,

- carbon steel - 12mm

5. Loading hatches of the conveyor as agreed, round, rectangular.

6. The conveyor material is made of both carbon steel and stainless steel.

7. Accessories, bearings and seals according to the customer's requirements.

8. If necessary, they can be equipped with metal separators.

9. Reducers are installed as agreed: SEW-EURIDRIVE, BONFIGLIOLI.

The conveyor drive equipped with the best European gearboxes. Speed control is carried out by means of speed variator or frequency regulation of speed of the electrical motor.