Спроектируем и изготовим любое производственное оборудование


When the equipment was manufactured and delivered to the customer, it is necessary to install according to the Customer's project. At this stage you will definitely need a team of experienced installers.

In our company you will find qualified specialists and the most modern equipment. In each case we find the optimal solution. Thus at lower cost in time and money, our team commits an exemplary installation.

Installation of equipment – is a complex of actions for the Assembly, installation on workstations mechanisms, connection and commissioning.

OOO "Energy Systems Installation and Service" offers high quality services for installation.

1. Installation of metal structures

2. Systems of ventilation and heating

3. Exterior, interior, technological and energy communications

4. Installation of piping and steam distribution and condensate collection

5. Thermal insulation of high temp and low temp piping

6. Equipment production lines

7. Equipment supply and distribution

8. Equipment of artesian wells

9. Equipment of treatment facilities

10. Automatic gates and vehicle levelers

11. Lighting system

12. Automation of production lines

13. Industrial PLC programming

14. Automation of production lines

15. Industrial programming

16. and more

Specialists of welding certified by the National Agency of Control of Welding NACS, which gives the right to weld the pipelines of boiler rooms, steam pipelines, technological pipelines, steel structures and lifting mechanisms. Welding work is performed on technologies TIG, MIG, MMA, gas welding.

If You need to upgrade existing systems or equipment, Limited Liability Company “Energy Systems, Assembling and Service” will prepare a detailed analysis of the characteristics of the equipment and make for You the best proposal how to improve the parameters of equipment work and implement it.