Спроектируем и изготовим любое производственное оборудование


You will find a reliable partner who will offer a comprehensive solution to solve your tasks

  1. Analyze and optimize your task.
  2. Development of technical decision to the problem solving.
  3. Recommendations for improving the efficiency of production processes, increasing labor productivity, reducing the material consumption, reducing energy costs, improving the design of machinery.
  4. Selection of serial production equipment with minimal costs.
  5. Recommendations for improving and changeover of the serial equipment for the specific requirements of the production process.
  6. Designing and manufacturing of special technological equipment, non-standard technological equipment and metal structures for production lines.
  7. Supply and installation of a complete and complete set of technological equipment and metal structures and launch of production in operation "turnkey".
  8. Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the production complex.

Designing or manufacturing according to the Customer's drawings of technological equipment for various production lines and processes, products and mechanisms for performing individual operations, parts, assemblies and production lines in general

One of the specific features of our company from other market participants is the possibility of not only purchasing, guarantee and post-warranty maintenance of equipment, but also the possibility of developing and manufacturing non-standard equipment "turnkey" specially for your order. This significantly reduces the cost of acquisition, installation and commissioning procedure.