Спроектируем и изготовим любое производственное оборудование

Technological tanks

Our company offers design and manufacture of process tanks, including mixers and reactors.

- Stainless tanks

- Tanks with heating or cooling jackets and insulation.

Tanks with heating or cooling. Used imported steel AISI 304, 316, 321, analogues of Russian steel grades for the food industry or carbon steel (Fe37-3FN, St37-2 and etc.). Tanks can be equipped with height adjustable stainless steel support frames, conical, flat or trasferisci a bottom; a mixing device, a shower head, safety valves, service hatch, sight glasses, etc.

Based on the used single-wall design tank, optionally equipped with a tank heating or cooling. Our design provides efficient heat transfer to product in the working volume of the tank. In order to avoid heat losses (condensation) and compliance with the safety of working personnel the outer surface of a heating "jacket" covered with the necessary heat insulation to ensure reliable insulation. At the request of the customer on tank can be provided “Pillowplate” heating jacket made in LLC “Energy Systems, Assembling and Service”.

At the request of the customer, the capacity can be equipped polished or sandblasted surface.

Stirrer made of different types to choose from: frame, screw, propeller, type "mill," and others.

As the coolant in the tanks can be used hot water, steam, or any other coolant or refrigerant.

For automation and control of operation modes of the vessel may complete measuring and control equipment.

Also we can design the tanks according of customer's drawings. It is possible to manufacture tanks of customer's materials.