Спроектируем и изготовим любое производственное оборудование

Non-standard equipment

We do not copy typical available equipment. While solving each individual task, we tried to find a solution, to the greatest extent meet the Customer's needs and the norms and rules of design of the equipment.

Limited Liability Company “Energy Systems, Assembling and Service”carries out a full complex of works on realization of projects of development and manufacturing of non-standard technological equipment and metal structures in various fields, starting from the procurement of raw materials and components and ending with the installation of the manufactured equipment at the Customer "turnkey".

Extensive relationships and diverse experience allow us to take on tasks both simple and requires substantial resources.

Provide services for the manufacture of technological equipment, machines and mechanisms for various purposes.

Produce tooling and fixtures, transportation and positioning, special actuators, automatic systems or just the original part.

Reliable partners and excellent experts allow us to produce almost any technological equipment and precise control of the result.