Спроектируем и изготовим любое производственное оборудование


We are committed to ensuring to improve your processes and make your production more efficient. No matter what you producing, what materials in use, our company is always ready offer the perfect solution for you and your products. We pay attention to each stage of production and can offer solutions to automate operations that are performed at the beginning or at the end of the production process and the processing operations taking, loading and unloading. We offer automation produced by us lines "turnkey" or modifications to your serial equipment. The range of services includes:
  1. Analysis and optimization your tasks.
  2. Development of the technical solution of the problem.
  3. Selection and ordering of the necessary components.
  4. Development of single line diagrams, schematics, electrical cabinets, panel programming.
  5. Commissioning of the assembled line.
  6. Preparation and submission of project documentation to the client.
  7. The provision of services to support and develop your capacity.
For the best development of Your business, we offer products of the largest manufacturers of components for PLC and automations: Siemens, Telemehanique, Omron, SICK, Alien Bradley, ABB, E&H, Moeller, IFM and others. Our customized approach to each project, therefore, at the design stage, we always pick up the products of the respective manufacturer, which will optimally fit to Your goals. Also, if You already have a project, we will always be able on its basis to produce a quality installation at a convenient time.