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System of water supply and Sewerage

Water supply is a complex of measures to provide water to various consumers. The provision of clean, high quality drinking water has a large hygienic value as it protects people from various epidemiological diseases (water-borne).

When designing the water supply system, first of all must be determined how much water and what quality is required for the object, it is necessary to consider all possible water users and establish their requirements for the quantity and quality of water supplied.

Under sanitation means a complex of equipment, networks and structures designed to organize the reception and removal of pipelines for the settlements or industrial plants polluted wastewater, their cleaning and disposal prior to disposal or discharge into the reservoir.

It is particularly important in the design phase to properly balance power, water and sewage, taking into account characteristics of the client company.

In the design of water supply system takes into account  location of pipelines, valves, pumps, pressure gauges, storage tanks, pressure and temperature in the system. Performed 3D design of pipelines, taking into account the features of the building  or system.